Raisa Ocañas

Hello! my name is Raisa Ocanas. I am a highly motivated individual with 10+ years of experience in education, customer service, project and operations management, client relations, billing, clerical, and onboarding support. In my previous jobs, I played different roles, contributing to project planning, training, cost control, scheduling, budget management, and reporting. I consider myself an Innovative self-starter who delivers high-quality projects resulting in increased productivity, customer satisfaction, productivity, and valuable strategies. 

I recently won a scholarship through LULAC to work on my Project management Certification. Now, I am currently working on my PMP certification. After that, I plan to continue studying and completing my Instructional Designer and Data analytics course. These courses have allowed me to create fun and different content.

I love to challenge myself professionally and personally, and I try to do this by constantly educating myself and getting additional training and professional development. I also enjoy helping others develop their skills to grow professionally. I’m someone who has high expectations and confidence in my abilities to overcome any obstacles to be successful and help others be successful as well. I’m always ready to continue my learning adventures!

Raisa Ocañas


Project Management


Completion of:
Instructional Design
Data Analytics Certification


PMP Certification
Google Project management


Work with Technology
Learn new Skills,
Exercising, Healthy Eating